Thank You to everyone for the 2014 Second Life Buddy Walk

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It was with a sad face that I took down the 2014 location of the SL Buddy Walk. Months of planing and getting ready and in just 9 hours it’s all over. BUT in those 9 hours there was so much energy, emotion, and kindness!

I can not thank everyone enough!! I’m always floored for the help and donations that we receive. In one short day we collected over $199,000L for NDSS! How awesome is that!

A big Thank you to The Phoenix Compound & Crescent Bay Mall for letting us use the space and to Anek for all your help and donations. To Aggie and Toto for helping me organize all the Live Singers. To all the vendors for setting up and donating items to raise funds. To Lauren for helping me host all day, I thought you were only staying for a few and you were there the whole day :)

Thanks to all the live singers who brought awareness to your fans. Mankind Tracer / Seth Regan, Toxic Darkmatter, Maximillion Kleene, Zak Claxton, Savannah Coronet, Anek Fuchs, Loreen Aldrin, Tukso Okey, Edward Kyomoon/Donn Devore, THANK YOU! My estimate that throughout the day we had about 500-600 visitors. And a big thanks to everyone who donated. Your donations help NDSS advocate for individuals with Down syndrome.

Transparency -

I want to make sure everyone knows that the Buddy Walk is officially for NDSS. I know there has been some talk about some other fundraisers being scams and I want to assure you that I don’t make anything from this walk. In fact I usually end up spending money to purchase items for the walk. EVERYTHING that is collect is given to NDSS. I set some buy orders so I was able to get $775.54. This is being transferred to the local non-profit group paypal account (that I run) and then a check will be sent to NDSS. I will ask them to post it on the national Buddy Walk page that they received it. I really want to make sure everyone knows that I do this to help individuals like my rl son and that I am not in this for the money.


2014 Walk is being planned!

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Stay tuned for more details on the 2014 SL Buddy Walk

Still time to get into the Raffles!

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Just a few days left to come by and enter the Raffle for a Caspian car, donated by Intense Creations. 2 to be given away

ALSO to enter the raffle for a SWA Home & Land Security, donated by SWA. There will be 5 given out.

car raffle SWA raffle

All funds go directly to the SL Buddy Walk.

SURL to location.

While you are there don’t forget to shop some of the great shops that are featuring some Buddy Walk Exclusives!!



What a great day!!

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The 2013 Live Music Day has come and gone and what another amazing day!

I enjoyed so much talking to those who have a connection do Down syndrome or are new to the cause. I know to some we are just virtual pixels but they have no idea the connections we make with one another when we become those pixels. Then there was the live musicians, they graced us with their beautiful voices and generosity to the cause. So even though we did have a few SL hiccups in the middle, the day was still so wonderful!

And the great thing about this year, it that it’s not over!! We still have 9 days of shopping, DJs and live musicians!

photo-1Thanks to Aggie CortesTotonaco Cortes for helping me line up some great musicians!! ♥

Thanks to Tom TwoPoint Oh, CQ, Maximillion KleeneThe FollowPorter PaquotAmforte Clarity, Colt, NOMA Falta, & Edward Kyomoon for providing some awesome entertainment and for helping us spread awareness about Down syndrome!!


I hope to see everyone around the region!

Hugs <3

JL Zinner


P.S. if you have any photos from the event please send them to me in world or email – I was so busy that I only have a few

The Buddy Walk Charity Fair is open!!

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The region is now open and the SL Buddy Walk Celebration has started!!

There are over 40 vendors with a variety of items for sale with proceeds going to NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society).

We also strart with our music events tonight with 3 DJs.

6-8p DJ JP
8-10p DJ JL
10-12 DJ Splash

The region will be open until March 31, please stop by take a look at the shops, hear some great music and sit in the GiGi’s one million voices gallery.

Live Music Festival is on March 21 (World Down Syndrome Day):

2pm    Mankind Tracer
3pm    CQ – Colorful Quiet
4pm    Maximillion Kleene
5pm    The Follow
6pm    Porter Paquot
9pm    Noma Falta
10pm  Edward Kyomoon

A large THANK YOU to all our event sponsor and to our premium sponsors. We couldn’t do it without you!!

Surreal Estates
Razorblade Jacket
Pure PoisonClothing, Poses, Etc


Limo to the location -

SURL to Buddy Walk Location


Check our website and Facebook page for up to date info:

Sneak Peek

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Sneak Peek

We are only 2 days from the Grand Opening of the SL Buddy Walk Region!!

Here is a little sneak peek of what it looks like….

bw1 bw2

The 5th Annual SL Buddy Walk is under way!!

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The 5th Annual SL Buddy Walk is under way!!

We have some great new things planned for this year!!

NEW THIS YEAR! Shopping Expo!! This year will be an event from March 17-31 with a full sim of shopping, activities, live music and live DJs!

More details coming soon!!

SL Buddy Walk - basic sign

Another Wonderful Day :)

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Another Wonderful Day :)

I can not express the feeling I get when I see everyone come together for the SL Buddy Walk. I know many attendees had no idea what the Buddy Walk was until they got here to hear their favorite signer perform. I really enjoyed all the stories of how individuals with Down syndrome have touched your lives. I hope you all enjoyed it and learned a few things.

I need to send out a special thanks to my helpers this year… Aggie, Toto, Dick, Lilly I could not do it without you guys!!

Thank you to our performers!

Mankind Tracer
Amforte Clarity
FrankLee Anatra
Maximillion Kleene
The Follow
Guitar Zane
DirtyDee Sweetwater
DJ Splash
Edward Kyomoon

A special thank you to our sponsors this year:

Digital Poison
Prism Furniture and Home
Blue Buddha Club Supplies
Katy’s Kreations Sculpties
Trans Total Translations
A&J Creation and Franchise

Overall we had over 506 visitors to the venue that day and raised $144,283L!!!

The 2012 Buddy Walk has started!

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The 2012 Buddy Walk has started!

And we are off… Seth Regan just took the stage

We hope to see you here at the event.

Store Owners – Help a great cause and get some good exposure!!

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Store Owners – Help a great cause and get some good exposure!!

On March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day,  the 4th Annual Buddy Walk will be taking place.

We have 3 spots open for Sponsors. For just a $300L you will get a spot in our Custom Mall.

We ask that you donate a portion of your sales, but the amount is up to you.

Your logo will also be displayed on stage where we have some of the biggest Live Musicians playing.

Day Schedule:
2pm Mankind Tracer
3pm AMForte Clarity
4pm FrankLee Anatra
5pm Maximillion Kleene
6pm The Follow
7pm Guitar Zane
8pm DirtyDee Sweetwater
9pm DJ Splash
10pm Edward Kyomoon

The space can be found here:

All profits are going to the National Down Syndrome Society.

More information can be found here:

Contact JL Zinner for more information.