What a great day!!

Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in General

The 2013 Live Music Day has come and gone and what another amazing day!

I enjoyed so much talking to those who have a connection do Down syndrome or are new to the cause. I know to some we are just virtual pixels but they have no idea the connections we make with one another when we become those pixels. Then there was the live musicians, they graced us with their beautiful voices and generosity to the cause. So even though we did have a few SL hiccups in the middle, the day was still so wonderful!

And the great thing about this year, it that it’s not over!! We still have 9 days of shopping, DJs and live musicians!

photo-1Thanks to Aggie CortesTotonaco Cortes for helping me line up some great musicians!! ♥

Thanks to Tom TwoPoint Oh, CQ, Maximillion KleeneThe FollowPorter PaquotAmforte Clarity, Colt, NOMA Falta, & Edward Kyomoon for providing some awesome entertainment and for helping us spread awareness about Down syndrome!!


I hope to see everyone around the region!

Hugs <3

JL Zinner


P.S. if you have any photos from the event please send them to me in world or email – jl@designbyjlz.com I was so busy that I only have a few

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